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Clara Quintela

aka ClaraBeauty.

I’m a textile artist, journalist, embroiderer, knitter, spinner, maker, teacher, storyteller.

Brazilian living in Montreal, Canada, since 2012 with my husband and our cats.

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I have two degrees, one in Social Communication obtained in the last century at Ceara Federal University (1999), and another in Fine Arts – Fibre and Material Practices at Concordia University (2018). So, I’m a journalist by trade and a textile artist by nature.

My story started as everybody else: I am from a family of talented strong women, each one of them with different skills in needlework. My personal practice, however, blossomed later, when I moved away from my home in 2004, to live 4000 km away, in a different part of the country. Being alone in a city 5 times bigger than my hometown was overwhelming. That’s when I was introduced by a friend to the pleasures of knitting. At first, I didn’t want to learn much. Simple garter stitch was enough. It took me 4 years to try something else. Since then, I didn’t stop.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my skills and techniques to my students in the classes I regularly run in my studio and occasionally abroad. When I’m not teaching, I dedicate in my artistic practice and so in creating knitting patterns.

I collect dreams and stories to tell.

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