Linda ShawlLinda Shawl


This shawl was first elaborated in a class of Vithard Villumsem, “Knitting with art yarn”, during Twist Fiber Festival 2013, in St. André Avellin, QC, Canada.

As my homework, I finished my creation and wrote below the directions of how to use a handspun yarn to knit something “wearable”.

The handspun yarn I used was made by Linda Tait, from Ragz Yarn, who gently gave me a skein for this class. I hope you liked 🙂

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What I like the most about art yarn: even if you make the same pattern, the result will always be completely different.

The Linda Shawl mixes a handspun yarn with 2 different commercial yarns, with different weights (sock and lace), playing with textures and color effects. At the end, I also knitted a simple lacy border in order to give a more sophisticated look.


Linda Shawl
by Clara Beauty











1 skein of handspun / art yarn. The one seen in picture is from Ragz Yarns, by Linda Tait. It had 76gr / 23m. Content: wool, sequins, ribbons and feathers.
1 skein of Haiku (Alchemy. 60% Mohair, 40% Silk. 25gr / 300m)
1 skein of Sock Superwash (Da Fazenda. 100% Ideal (Polwarth) superwash. 100gr / 380m). This is going to be used only at the border.
Needles: 8mm and 4,5mm
Notions: 4 markers, darning needle.

How to make stripes – the instructions to make stripes are not given in the pattern.
As you are using both bulky and lace yarn, in order to give some balance, I suggest you make long sections with your fine yarn (something like 4, 6 or 8 rows) and short sections with you bulk yarn (2 or 4).

Still, note that you can make you shawl as big as you want. Feel free to re-invent the pattern 🙂


With your art yarn and using the 8mm needle, cast on 3 sts.

Knit 6 rows.

Turn work 90 degrees again and pick up and knit more 3 stitches from cast on edge. (9 sts total).

row 1 (ws): k3, p3, k3.

row 2 (rs): k3 (border), pm, yo, k1, yo, pm, k1 (dividing st), pm yo, k1, yo, pm, 3k (borders).

(Total 13 sts)

row 3: k3, p7, k3.

From now on,

knit the border stitches, sl m, yo, k to the next marker, yo, k1 (dividing stitch), yo, k to the next marker, yo, sl m, knit border stitches.

(Note that the dividing st are always knitted in the right side rows and purled in the wrong side rows.)

Keep doing this way until you have 113 sts total, finishing in right side.

Next row (WS), change for your sock yarn and kf&b all sts. Total 226.

Facing the right side, at the beginning of the row, cast on 5 sts.

row 1 (rs): k4, k2tog with the st alive from the shawl. We are going to join the border as we go.
row 2 (ws): k5.

Repeat once more.

Next row,

row 1: k5.
row 2: k2, yo, k2, k2tog.
row 3: k4, yo, k2.
row 4: k3, yo, k3, k2tog.
row 5: k5, yo, k3
row 6: BO 4, k3, k2tog.

Repeat rows 1-6 until you have only 2 sts in your shawl. Then,

row 1 (rs): k4, k2tog with the st alive from the shawl. We are going to join the border as we go.
row 2 (ws): k5.

Repeat once more.

Bind off and block.

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